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Grief Support Services

When a family loses a child they often have very few people that understand their grief.  We understand that Grief Couseling is a vital component to healing and we can arrange those services for qulaified familes.  Just talking to a trained professional is a wonderful thing.

Grief Mentoring

The death of a child, brother or sister is something that is hard to understand unless you have been there.  As parents and families that have experienced this devastation, we walk along side those in that place right now.  When even close friends run away, we will be there.

Financial Assistance

Grieving the death of a child is devastating enough.  When large medical bills are added to the situation, its almost too much to bare.  The Lucy Simpson Foundation sees providing financial assistance for medical expenses as one of its primary purposes.  We want to carry that burden.

Care Items and Support Material

Times of despair can be made just a little better with a care basket or just some direction.  We provide care baskets with "comfort items" and support material (books etc...) that can help families understand their situation better.  Direction in despair is very valuable.

Markers & Funeral Assistance

Death of a family member is usually followed by funeral planning and cemetary selection.  In the loss of a child, this is the last thing on your mind.  After all, not many people have ever planned their child's funeral.  We will assist with funeral resources and cemetary markers.  Our hope is that you can celebrate and remember your precious child.

Fundraising Assistance

Many families already have a lot of resources and a very generous community that will help with their overwhelming expenses.  But, they don't know how to get started or what tools are available. We can help families develop fundraising initiative through tools like social media, and  We will get their story out there!

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